Training and Experience

Helen Jones (MA Clinical Psychology).

I have studied and practiced in the field of psychoanalytic psychotherapy for many years. This enormous body of knowledge is very useful in helping my patients understand themselves better and make meaningful changes in their lives. 

In addition, the past fifteen years have seen an explosion of research in the field of neuroscience, which uses modern neuroimaging techniques such as MRI scanners to look into the brain. This has enabled scientists to better understand how the brain functions and changes.

Science has shown us that the brain can change throughout life. We now have a greater understanding of how to change the brain to help us become happier and more functional in everyday life. Scientific research has also shown us how a difficult childhood can have a lasting impact on both the brain and the body, affecting mental and physical health. Modern psychotherapy techniques have evolved which treat these areas.

Over the past few years I have studied a number of courses presented by world leaders in the field of neuroscience and, in addition to my psychoanalytic practices, I now use many neuroscience-based techniques in my work.